This division provides Equipment and Consumables to a wide range of Electrical Contractors, Electrical Consultants, Mines and Developers.

Transformers ranging from 25kVA up to 20mVA can be supplied in any voltage rating to customers specification. All our Transformers have Full Copper Windings and are built for the best durability to last in any Africa environment . We pride ourselfs on our excellent delivery time with high quality transformers.

Mini Substations are built to any customers specification. From Mining to Council and Eskom specifications are just some of the requirements that have been met by our experienced staff. All our panels are powder coated to customers specification and supplied coastal ready where applicable.

Consumables – Lugs & Ferrules, Jointing kits, Cable, MCCB’s & MCB’s, Cable ties & saddles, Heat shrink, Cable numbering, Insulation putty & tapes are just some of the items we are supplying to our customers.


The Industrial Supplies division has a product range of over 4800 products that include products such as: Fasteners – Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Woodworking screws & Anchors

  • Chemicals – MP sprays, Lubricants, Cleaning chemicals
  • Adhesives – Silicone, Contact Adhesive, Wood glue, Stud adhesive
  • Abrasives – Cutting, Grinding, Sanding, Burs
  • Drill Bits – HSS, Percussion, Masonry, Core Drilling
  • Taps & Dies – Machine & Hand Taps
  • Tapes – Masking tape, Packaging tape, Insulation Tape

Our customer base ranges from the Engineering sector to Manufacturing factories, Woodworking shops and fitters.

Product Quality and Service are key factors in the success of this department.