Industrial Supplies & PPE

The Industrial Supplies division has a product range of over 4800 products that include products such as:

– Chemicals – MP sprays, Lubricants, Cleaning chemicals
– Adhesives – Silicone, Contact Adhesive, Wood glue, Stud adhesive
– Abrasives – Cutting, Grinding, Sanding, Burs
– Drill Bits – HSS, Percussion, Masonry, Core Drilling
– Taps & Dies – Machine & Hand Taps
– Tapes – Masking tape, Packaging tape, Insulation Tape
– Safety – Gloves, Masks, Eye protection, Safety boots/shoes
– Corporate clothing and branding

Our industrial range consists of most types of fastners, abrasives, adhesives, cleaning equipment and chemicals, oils, tools, electrical hand tools, drill bits and tapes.

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